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Chiappa’s latest survival rifle is an intriguing truck, boat, plane or cabin gun, as it provides the versatility of firing two different cartridges—one rimfire, one shotgun—from a robust over/under combination gun.

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The Chiappa M6 comes with your choice of either a 12- and 20-gauge barrel over either a .22 LR or .22 WMR rifle barrels. The barrels work with the receiver like a break-action shotgun, and where the handguard would be are three accessory rails for lights, lasers, optics or other accessories. The rear sight is patterned from the M1 Carbine, and it interfaces with a high-visibility fiber-optic front sight that aids in tracking moving game as well as lining up the sights in low light.

The unique skeletonized stock features a polypropylene body that holds three shotgun shells and five rimfire cartridges. The barrel is rifled to accept interchangeable RemChoke tubes (and ships with a choke), and the shotgun barrels can accept Chiappa’s awesome X-Caliber conversion kit that enables you to fire different common pistol ammunition (from .380ACP through .45 ACP), or .410 or 20-gauge shotshell ammunition, to stretch its bug-out, plinking and survival rifle utility.

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