The Tactical Boutique from 45 Tactical Designs is the place for women to find what they need in order to carry their firearms on body in style. With all the options available, there’s a style, color and design sure to suit every type of shooter out there.

OWB Rigs: The most popular product from 45 Tactial Designs’ line of ladies-only gear is its OWB holster, which contours with the body and provides a comfortable and flexible fit. A major factor contributing to its popularity is the choice of designs, with the “Luxury,” “Elegant” and “Lady Oxford” variants currently coming in as the top picks. The unique and stunning options will be something you want to put out there for all to see. These sturdy holsters, made of Kydex, come with different “Arizona Shield” sizes to protect from sweat and have a positive triggerguard lock.

Out of Sight: The IWB Fomi Clip Kydex holster is made of the same sturdy Kydex material, but its low profile makes it easy to carry your firearm discreetly. It also has a flexible belt loop to attach to the wearer’s belt, or it can be used inside a purse or bag.

EDC Paddle: The 45 Tactical Designs Paddle Holster offers one of the most convenient and comfortable holster attachments available. Its design allows for multiple adjustment angles, and a lug feature permits the wearer to remove the holster without having to remove their belt.


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