The Viking ax for the 21st century, the new Vi Ax from TOPS Knives is designed to slice and smash through just about anything that threatens you or needs to be cleaved in half, be it tree or bear or come what may.

This beastly ax is formed from a single piece of 5/16-inch 1095 steel that is cut, polished and precision ground into a devastating tool for backcountry work or self-defense. In length, the Vi Ax is between a hatchet and an ax, providing enough leverage to generate extreme head speed and power when swung. The sharpened blade is honed to a fine edge for slicing, and the rear is formed into a clip-point-style dagger blade that is aggressively sharpened on top—directing the Vi Ax’s kinetic energy onto its sharpened point helps the ax penetrate just about anything.

The steel is protected by a black traction coating, and the grip is comprised of hand-filling linen Micarta handles in a dark complementary color.

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