The new Boomer from Charter Arms is a compact revolver stripped down to the basics and chambered in a serious handgun cartridge, the .44 Special. In hand, it is a fistful of power. This is truly a revolver made for close-up self-defense.

The five-shot Boomer is based on Charter Arms’ Bulldog series of compact, powerful revolvers. The Bulldog revolver has a reputation for being compact, powerful and as reliable as reliable can be. What separates the Boomer from the other Bulldog revolvers is that it is completely stripped down. Features that could impede a draw from deep concealment are noticeably missing from the gun.

The Boomer employs a double-action-only trigger with a smooth trigger press. It also features a stubby, 2-inch, ported barrel that belches fire and a rounded walnut grip that is both comfortable and helps dissipate the recoil of the .44 Special. The Boomer is constructed of stainless steel and wears a matte stainless finish. There’s no glare from the gun even in direct sunlight.

The revolver employs features found on other Charter Arms DAO revolvers, like the bobbed hammer, which is flush with the rear of the frame so there is no hammer spur to snag on a shirt tail or coat pocket when drawing the revolver. The front edge of the cylinder is nicely beveled to aid in reholstering. The barrel is tapered and does not have a front sight, but it does have two oblong ports cut into the top, at the 11 and 1 o’clock positions. Those slots divert burning gases up to counteract the muzzle flip when a shot is fired.

Charter Arms .44 Special Bulldog revolvers—especially the Boomer—offer a lot of firepower in compact, concealable packages. Look for a full review of the Charter Arms Boomer in an upcoming issue of POCKET PISTOLS magazine. For more information, visit

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