While the single-stack PPS was popular among shooters, Walther has introduced a new version, the PPS M2, which is built from the ground up with several new features that make it perfect for concealed carry.

The most noteworthy aspect of the PPS M2 is that it is only 1-inch wide, making it extremely easy to carry discreetly. Walther’s also redesigned the frame for enhanced ergonomics. The paddle-style magazine release of the PPS has been replaced with a more American button release. This revision also allowed Walther to give the triggerguard a nice undercut that allows shooters to obtain a higher grip on the frame. This combines with the high beavertail at the rear for a low bore axis.

The trigger has also been improved. Now closer to the PPQ trigger, it has a 6.1-pound pull and a short reset. The slide has front and rear slide serrations for easier manipulations as well. Both 9mm and .40 S&W models are available.

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