Likely the world’s first production 1911 in .22 WMR, Rock Island Armory has launched the XT22 with an astonishing 15+1 capacity from a single-stack magazine.

This semi-automatic, delayed-blowback pistol is a single action with the traditional controls and ergonomics of a modern centerfire 1911, including the skeletonized trigger and hammer, and the extended beavertail safety. The grip is slightly elongated fore-to-aft to accommodate the elongated magazines for the .22 WMR rounds, and the frame is relieved behind the triggerguard to help your finger find a natural resting position even with this slightly increased grip length.

The free-floating, full-length barrel sports a fixed front sight, as the slide is aggressively relieved and does not enclose most of the barrel. The slide retains full-length rails for maximum stability during cycling, but leaves the top open to reduce mass and permit maximum heat transfer away from the barrel to cool it after rapid fire. The XT22 is due to be available as of late Spring 2016.

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