We’ve looked at autopistols and air guns from the COMPLETE BOOK OF HANDGUNS 2016 Buyer’s Guide, now we’re moving on to revolvers. There are 72 wheelguns for you to peruse in the buyer’s guide, and we’ve included ten of the some of the latest and greatest currently available in the photo gallery above, including the Charter Arms Gator, the Ruger Redhawk and the Smith & Wesson Model 929 with engraved signature of champion shooter Jerry Miculek.


Charter Arms Gator

Colt New Frontier

EAA Bounty Hunter

Heritage Rough Rider Big Bore

Rossi R971

Ruger Redhawk

Smith & Wesson Jerry Miculek Signature 929 Model

Taurus Raging Bull

Taylor’s & Co Gunfighter

Uberti 1875 Army Outlaw/1875 Frontier


11 Revolvers From the GUN BUYER’S ANNUAL 2016 Buyer’s Guide

Swamp King: The Charter Arms Gator Revolver

General Officer’s Pistols: Colt Pocket Hammerless Model 1903 & 1908

European American Armory’s Two New Polymer 1911s

Gun Review: Rossi Rio Grande .30-30 Lever-Action

Gun Review: Ruger SR1911 .45 ACP

Enhanced Snubbies: Smith & Wesson Model 627 & 327 Revolvers

709 Slim: Taurus’ Single-Stack 9mm Pistol

New For 2016: The 1886 Ridge Runner From Taylor’s & Co. Firearms

Uberti’s Silverboy Lever-Action Rifle in .22 LR: Economical Plinking with a Historical Feel

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