The handguns available today represent the best of the old and the new. The COMPLETE BOOK OF HANDGUNS 2016 buyer’s guide sums up most of what is available today for American shooters and what are the best and most popular designs. Regardless what you buy or own, continued training and practice is the key to success, survival and enjoyment of the shooting sports. There are 192 autopistols featured in this year’s buyer’s guide, but for the sake of brevity, we’ve pulled 10 for you to peruse in the photo gallery above.


Beretta Nano

Colt Gold Cup

FNS Longslide

Glock 17/22

Grand Power X-Calibur

Heckler & Koch P2000/P2000SK

IWI Jericho 941

Llama Micromax

Remington RM380


Sig Sauer P225-A1

Wilson Combat Protector


3 Undercover Berettas: Pico, Nano and PX4 Storm

General Officer’s Pistols: Colt Pocket Hammerless Model 1903 & 1908

Gun Review: FNH USA’s FNS-9 Longslide Pistol

The Evolution of GLOCK Pistols

Meet Grand Power’s Latest K100 Import – The X-Trim Mk12

Heckler & Koch’s Stylish, Street-Ready P30SK 9mm

Torture Test: Return of the IWI Jericho 941

Remington RM380: Big Green’s Micro Metal

SCCY Marvel: The All-New CPX-3 Pistol

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