The all-new SafeCarry Ranger by Texas-based Double Click Holsters is a patent pending RT-2 (Guaranteed Retention: 2 Second Reaction Time) holster. This non-mechanical, double-retention holster securely locks into the trigger guard and to the top of the gun. The user simply slides the SafeCarry thumb retention/release towards his or her body and draws the weapon. The SafeCarry Ranger is suitable for a number of different applications, including concealed/open carry, plain clothes law enforcement and hunters and outdoor sports. MSRP is $89.75. See below for a video demonstration.

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Double Click Holsters is comprised of concealed licensed holders that carry a weapon every day as law abiding civilians. They couldn’t find holsters in the marketplace that matched their ideas, so they decided to build their own and have set out to design; safe, retentive, and quick holsters. Their participation in shooting sports has been essential in their designs, allowing them to create a holster with a fast draw and excellent retention. One of the owners is a certified tactical pistol instructor that confirms these holsters will be of benefit in all types of situations. If you’re not completely satisfied with a product, Double Click Holsters guarantees a full refund less a 10% restocking charge within 7 days of shipping.

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