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The following is a press release from Gunsite Academy

As part of Gunsite Academy‘s 40th Anniversary, we have scheduled a Scout Rifle Class / Competition / Conference and Media Event for July 11-15. The scout rifle has seen recent resurgence and is without question a child of Jeff Cooper and Gunsite. It’s only fitting the first post-Cooper Scout Rifle Conference occur during this historic year. Working with scout rifle historian Richard Mann, author of the upcoming book, The Scout Rifle Study, it’s our hope this event will serve a triad of purpose.

1. Edify scout rifle owners and the media on scout rifle history and implementation.
2. Expose manufacturers to scout rifle aficionados, in an effort to enhance commercial and custom offerings.
3. Educate consumers on the scout concept, available rifles, optics, and accessories, through various media outlets.

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Scout Rifle Class (By invitation to interested students, select media, and manufacturer representatives.)

DAY 1: Lecture, zero, and familiarization
DAY 2: Short and Long (300 yards) exercises with sights and optics
DAY 3: Simulators
Competition (By invitation to interested students, select media, and manufacturer representatives.)
DAY 4: Open to any rifle type. Course of fire configured to highlight the general-purpose concept of the scout rifle. (50-round maximum)
Conference (By invitation to interested students, select media members, and manufacturers.)
DAY 5 Morning: Rifle Sharing (Open range for sharing and examination of equipment.)
DAY 5 Evening: (Conference to discuss lessons learned, ideal scout rifle configuration, and definition of the modern scout rifle. Presentation of awards for competition.)

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Students can register – by invitation only – for three, four or five days:

First three days: $ 1125.00, Fourth day: $ 100.00, Fifth day: $ 100.00 (Free to those attending first four days.)

Manufacturers / Manufacturer representatives, and select media can register for all five days. Attendance is free.

(It is suggested that participating manufacturers make their scout rifles or scout rifle accessories available to those in attendance on the morning of day five, for examination and experimentation. Additionally, participating manufacturers must provide an appropriate prize for the prize table such as a rifle, optic, ammo, or accessories. We also encourage manufacturers to invite a member of the media and cover their expenses. This will assist in assuring wide spread coverage of your products and the event in print and on the Internet. Interested media members should work with participating manufactures to arrange a sponsor for the event.)

Those interested should contact Gunsite Academy as soon as possible.

For more information, visit

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