The following is a press release from Dara Holsters

The Dara Holsters RAM Tough-Claw™ Mounted Holster System is the perfect solution for a quick and easy mounted vehicle holster. This system is made 100% in the USA and securely fastened to the RAM Mount™ using Melonite coated stainless steel hardware. Our rugged Kydex/Boltaron holsters, coupled with America’s leading mounting structure, makes for the ultimate self defense and protection system.

With this system, no tools are needed to install the holster. Simply place the Tough-Claw™ clamp on any rail with a diameter of .625″-1.5″ and turn the knob until the desired holding is acquired. The Tough-Claw can be used anywhere. Including, but not limited to: the underside seat of a car, truck, vehicle, the railing of a boat or kayak, roll bars, ATV racks, shower curtain rods, etc.


The Dara Mounted Holster with Tough-Claw™ comes with everything needed to assemble and install the mounted holster system. The Package includes:

  • Mountable Dara Holster
  • Tough-Claw™ RAM Mount

Install your holster whenwhere and how you want it.

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