As gun owners, we are each responsible for gun safety, and a large part of that includes safe storage. Of course, what constitutes safe storage can vary from person to person. Someone with a large firearms collection and small children at home will have far different needs than an adult living on their own who owns one gun. The amount of space in your home and financial considerations are another factor. There are, however, plenty of choices to meet anyone’s safe storage needs, from basic lockable cases to giant fireproof safes.

Many people prefer a long gun for home defense over a handgun. Certainly a shotgun or rifle is a more effective fight-stopper than any handgun. In some states and localities, it is also easier to own a long gun over a handgun. A long gun isn’t going to fit neatly in your nightstand but it will fit under your bed or in a nearby closet, and there are many storage options that offer safe long-gun storage and fast access.


American Security Products; 951-685-9680

Cannon Safe; 800-222-1055

GunVault; 800-242-1055

Heracles Research; 469-287-5520

Liberty Safe; 866-537-0165

Personal Security Products; 877-374-7900

SentrySafe; 800-828-1438

SleepSafe; 916-783-1160

TacticalWalls; 540-298-8906


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