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The Ratchet Gun Belt, also known as R.G.B., is a revolutionary way to remain comfortable while carrying your firearm and accessories. With the handcrafted methods and materials used in the Ratchet Gun Belt it is supportive, yet allows a individual to remain comfortable no matter whether you are standing for long periods of time or sitting extended periods of time the Ratchet Gun Belt is the gun belt to make it more pleasant. With the Limited Lifetime Guarantee it will be the last gun belt you will ever need. Lets go over the features that make the Ratchet Gun Belt the last and most comfortable gun belt that you will ever need.

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First we have the top quality pieces of leather that make up the Ratchet Gun Belt. This leather has been hand selected to make sure the quality and durability is there to last a lifetime of use. The leather is top quality not only on the facing side of the gun belt but it is used on the backside of the gun belt also.

Second the leather is dyed with a vegetable dye, which soaks deep into the leather. With this dying process it helps hide small abrasions and keeps the gun belt looking great. The dying process used will give your gun belt the lasting great finish that you would expect from a high quality gun belt.

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Third there is a special formulated polymer-stiffing insert that is placed in between the two pieces of top quality leather to give it even more stability from collapsing under the weight and stress of everyday carrying of your firearm and accessories. With this special formulation it makes the gun belt sturdy and durable yet it remains flexible and comfortable.

Fourth is the premium-ratcheting buckle made from top quality steel for lasting function and reliability. The ratcheting buckle has excellent holding power with ease of operation. After inserting the loose end of the belt through the buckle you will hear a clicking sound. The clicking sound you hear is the ratcheting action of the gun belt latch clicking in quarter inch increments instead of the usual one inch increments found on the majority of the gun belts on the market today. This quarter inch increment function of the ratchet gun belt buckle lets the individual adjust to his/her comfort level. With this feature it not only keeps your firearm and accessories secure but it also leaves the individual comfortable, whether standing or sitting.

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With all of these four quality features in the Ratchet Gun Belt it makes for a gun belt that will serve the individual a lifetime. A Limited Lifetime Guarantee backs every handcrafted Ratchet Gun Belt on the craftsmanship and materials. This quality and Limited Lifetime Guarantee makes this gun belt the only gun belt that you will ever need.

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