The Colonial Shooting Academy (CSA), located in Richmond, Virginia, is the largest indoor shooting range in the United States, with over 50 shooting lanes from 20 to 25 yards. It was designed from the top down to satisfy the needs of area consumers desperately in need of a full-service retail shooting establishment that offers a comfortable learning environment.

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The large, modern building is extremely neat, well marked and expertly landscaped. Safety signs are clear and prevalent outside, and the staff is professional, knowledgeable and, most importantly, friendly. The three-story, fully accessible, 60,000-square-foot facility includes over 5,000 square feet of open, well-lit and airy retail space with a wide selection of recreational, tactical and personal-protection firearms. It boasts a huge selection of gear, accessories, ammunition and clothing.

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There are five separate ranges for public and private use with automatic target retrieval systems, adjustable lighting and the latest in lead removal ventilation. The ranges will handle any pistol ammunition, shotguns with slugs and rifles up to and through .30 caliber. The full-service gun shop can handle Class III transfers and features an in-house gunsmith. Customers can also rent guns for range use and can select from nearly 100 handguns and rifles from many different manufacturers—all clean, neatly presented and well marked.

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The CSA also hosts regular IDPA matches and Smallbore Rifle leagues and offers a huge selection of extremely popular firearms classes, including law enforcement training and certification. The basement level houses the tactical range with 210 degrees of use, variable light conditions and moving targets as well as movable barricades. There is also a steel-encased, full-sized, 1,800-square-foot shoothouse with movable walls, multiple hallways and 10 different rooms.

It is not surprising that the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) named the Colonial Shooting Academy one of only a few five-star shooting facilities in the nation. The CSA has opened a second range in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area recently.

For more information, or call 804-266-2666.

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