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(Photo by MGM Targets)

The following is a press release from MGM Targets

Regarded as the leader in steel target innovation and manufacturing for over 20 years, MGM Targets saw a need for development of a versatile, durable and economical target to better facilitate tactical / personal protection training while being mindful of the household budget. The result is the MGM Steel Challenge IPSC Series featuring three sizes of IPSC style target silhouette sets.

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Featuring the distinctive ring of the steel with each hit, that definite tone reinforces shots on target which further the value and benefit of steel targets as the preference for many years of use. Retailing from $189 for the ½ IPSC set, the new MGM Steel Challenge IPSC Series combines the simplicity, reliability and versatility of the well-known Steel Challenge target format with common IPSC type silhouette sizes – Full (17.75×29.5”), ‘C’ Zone (11.762×23.625”) and ½ IPSC (9×15”) sets.

As with all the Steel Challenge sets, each MGM Steel Challenge IPSC set comes with a premium laser cut AR-500 target plate, MGM SC cap with AR target hook and a steel base for a 2×4 post. For a few dollars, the shooter can have several 2×4 posts cut to their various preferred lengths and can set targets at various distances for a challenging and easily reconfigurable course of fire – The MGM AR-500 target plate can easily handle tens of thousands of rifle or pistol rounds*.

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(*Frangible, ball or FMJ ammunition for standard defense caliber handguns from 15 yards and non-AP, non-steel or bi-metal core rifle ammunition from 100 yards or more is recommended).

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