It’s tough to carry a firearm concealed all day. After choosing a firearm that balances weight with power and capacity, you have to find a carry system that is comfortable, sturdy and won’t allow the gun to “print” through your clothing. Luckily the holster industry is booming with new products to help women carry their CCW firearms concealed at all times without sacrificing safety or style. Here are some great new hits.

Gun Tote’n Mamas GTM/QMF-20 Cross Body Quilted Sac

concealed carry products, Gun Tote’n Mamas, QMF-20 Cross Body Quilted Sac, Gun Tote’n Mamas GTM/QMF-20 Cross Body Quilted Sac

This concealed carry purse from Gun Tote’n Mamas is made from luggage-grade polyester that has been tested to outlast standard handguard microfiber. It’s highly durable, lightweight and easy to clean with a damp cloth and gentle soap. While compact, the purse features two additional outside zippered pockets for phones and other accessories. The bag is right- and left-hand capable with an 11-ply steel cable in the shoulder strap, a proprietary gun compartment and a standard Mernickle-crafted holster included. (; 847-446-0700)

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Can Can Concealment Micro Hip Hugger

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The Micro Hip Hugger holster has the shortest profile option in Can Can Concealment’s collection. This sleek, easy-to-wear Hip Hugger will conceal nicely under separates. The Hip Hugger accommodates up to four subcompact semi-automatics or revolvers (4.5 inches in total length) and three magazines. Compression holstering conceals your weapon discreetly while keeping it within your reach. For all-day comfortable wear, the Hip Hugger will be the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night. (; 888-753-9298)

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Packin’ Neat By Kristen

concealed carry products, Packin’ Neat By Kristen, packin neat

With a Packin’ Neat insert, you can turn any purse, bag or briefcase into a concealed-carry holster. These inserts are patented designs with five pockets to help you organize your bag as well as an integrated, correctly positioned firearm holster. Inserts are available to fit a number of purse sizes, and they each come with a removable holster. (; 239-887-8004)

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Tuff Products iTuck

concealed carry products, Tuff Products iTuck, tuff products

The Tuff Products iTuck allows for the discreet carry of a firearm, while the exterior is disguised as a smartphone pouch. It also has a special inner pocket for credit cards and identification. It has a Tuff 1.75-inch metal clip to securely fasten to your belt. You lift the flap to access your phone or credit cards, and continue to pull up on the flap to reveal the firearm. The Size 11 will fit the LCP and similar firearms; the Size 49 fits G27s, G42s and the S&W Shield; and the Size 10 will fit the LCR and similar firearms. The iTuck is available in Sienna Brown, Royal Blue, Black Rip Stop, Black and Coyote Brown Nylon. (; 877-883-3776)

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