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Imagine a lightweight, compact “combination” gun that, with the push of a button, can be disassembled and fits within an Uncle Mike’s Bug Out Bag. It’d be ideal for the back-county trekker, survivalist, ranch hand, and homeowner, among others. That arm now exists; enter the Savage Arms Model 42 Takedown and Takedown-Youth.

An updated version of the utilitarian Model 42, the new Takedown-series arms sport the same features that made their predecessors a hit with small-game hunters and the ideal training platform for beginners, but also have the advantage of quick, easy disassembly for increased portability and ease of storage. Occupying minimal space, the Takedown is natural for “throw and go”; whether patrolling the pasture, heading for the hills, or sustenance living, the Model 42 Takedown’s disassembled size enables it to always be nearby. Equally important, with a 34.75-inch (Takedown-Youth) or 35.75-inch (Takedown) overall length, the guns are easily maneuvered in tight spaces.

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Chambered in 3-inch, .410 bore, the Model 42 Takedown’s 20-inch lower barrel enables the user to utilize widely-available 3-inch and 2½-inch birdshot, buckshot, slugs, and the newest personal-protection-specific projectiles; as such, everything from upland birds to deer and predators are easily handled by the pint-size platform. Atop the .410 barrel is found another in .22 LR or .22 WMR equipped with simplistic, yet rugged, open sights; whereas the .410 provides close-range domination, the rifle round provides additional reach and precise aiming to bag distant small game for the pot or dispatch nuisance species harassing livestock or wrecking a field. Best of all, given their lightweight, .410 and 22 LR (or 22 Magnum) ammunition can be carried in bulk for extended use. The rounds’ universal obtainability is also unequalled, and their felt recoil is next to nil—perfect for novice shooters.

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As with the original Model 42, the Takedown and, especially, the Takedown Youth, are superb “starter” arms. It exudes the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple and Straightforward) acronym, which is highly desirable for the novice shooter and survivalist. Pressing the breeching lever ahead of the trigger guard reveals the two chambers. Depending on the gun’s use and user’s experience, one or two rounds can be loaded. Then, snap the action shut, make the necessary hammer switch adjustment (to strike the correct firing pin), cock the hammer, and pull the trigger. Steps two through four can be repeated to utilize the second barrel. There are also no ejectors to break at an inopportune time or out-of-the-way location; simple extractors effectively lift the rounds (or empty cases) for easy removal. Simple—as it should be.

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In a nod to utility, durability, and affordability, the Model 42 Takedown-series rifles are stocked with a bilateral, synthetic buttstock and fore-end. To enhance purchase in moisture-laden environs and cold climates, the fore-end and pistol grip have a series of functional recesses. Additionally, for easier transport when assembled, there are two studs to which a sling can be attached. Capping the buttstock is a soft recoil pad that reduces the recoil of magnum-type .410 shells in these 4.65- (Takedown-Youth) and 6.1-lb. (Takedown) combination guns. The included Uncle Mike’s Tactical Go Bag features, MOLLE loops for attaching it to other gear, or attaching more gear to it, several pockets for ammo and gear and a robust carry strap.

Whether for survival, hunting, plinking, nuisance control, protection, training, or backpacking, there’s no firearm that offers the versatility and portability of the Savage Arms Model 42 Takedown or Takedown-Youth. In fact, there’s little that this compact “combination” gun couldn’t handle. Learn more at

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