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The following is a press release from DoubleStar

The DoubleStar PhD 1911, the first in a series of pistols that provide a quality production gun and the features of a high end 1911, without the lengthy wait or high price tag. This new defensive model features aggressive rear cocking serrations for a sure grip in the harshest of environments and the slide has been flat-topped and serrated to reduce glare. All models in this series are equipped with Express sights from XS® with a tritium front sight for fast target acquisition even in low light situations. Comfort comes from the round butt and Wilson Combat high-ride beavertail grip safety.

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The world is a dangerous place. Acts of terrorism have become more common than not and home invasions are on the rise. John Browning’s 1911 is the greatest service pistol of all time. First adopted by the U.S. military over a century ago, it is still among the most trusted and time-tested designs available. Even now, it is still relied upon by the U.S. Marines, FBI Hostage Rescue Team, Los Angeles SWAT as well as countless civilians.

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The OCD individuals at DoubleStar spent the last year creating the finest 1911 solely focused on Personal Home Defense (PhD) to aide in your safety for those unexpected nighttime encounters.

About DoubleStar

DoubleStar Corp., located in Winchester, Kentucky, was formed when customers of J&T Distributing, a leading supplier of thousands of AR parts and accessories, requested complete rifles and pistols crafted from the same high-quality, U.S.-made components. DoubleStar now supplies not only the commercial market but also military and law enforcement forces across the world with rugged firearms on which their lives depend.

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