Florida-based Urban Carry has unveiled a new holster that enables you to comfortably carry your concealed handgun in any outfit for any situation that you may face. One of the most appealing aspects of this product is that it allows quick access to your firearm. Simply pull the top flap and the handle of your firearm is exposed. Another area where the Urban Carry Holster excels is comfort. As the product listing notes, most IWB holsters have the firearm handle on the waistline. Any movement will cause the handle to be pushed into your stomach, side or back, while the barrel may push into your leg, resulting in discomfort. The Urban Carry Holster fixes that. It rides about an inch below the waistline, putting your firearm parallel to your leg. The end result is that you’re fully mobile while hardly feeling your firearm. Finally, this product has a place in the back to keep your license, credit card and some extra cash for when you’re on the move. Available in Black and Brown, the MSRP is $65.00.

About Urban Carry Holsters

Turning Point Distribution is the developer and manufacturer of the Urban Carry Holster. The ultimate total concealment and comfort firearm holster. For more information, visit


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