There are three very popular and effective ways to carry a subcompact Glock, and while there are still other methods, these are the most practical and commonly used. Since only a few Glock subcompacts are sized for pocket carry, the majority of users will opt for either an inside-the-waistband (IWB) or mini-scabbard-style belt or paddle rig.

DeSantis Gunhide: Among those available to fit the majority of Glock subcompacts and the .380 ACP Glock 42 is the DeSantis Mini Scabbard. This design is a standard for DeSantis and one of the best overall belt carry methods suited to Glock carry. DeSantis also has a slightly larger version of its famous Nemesis pocket holster scaled up to fit the Glock 42. DeSantis has also adopted its popular all-leather Cozy Partner IWB holster to fit the Glock 42 as well as the G26, G27 and other subcompact Glock models. This is a heavy duty, double-stitched, pancake-style IWB with an adjustable tension screw, a forward cant and double snap-lock belt straps that keep the Cozy Partner right where you put it. (; 800-424-1236)

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CrossBreed: Another innovative way to carry a Glock in an IWB holster comes from CrossBreed. The company’s IWB version of its SuperTuck keeps the gun, including the G42, securely retained in a triggerguard-locking, hand-formed Kydex pouch that is riveted to a steerhide skirt fitted with two steel, height-adjustable belt clips. The soft leather skirt will form to your body and make the holster rig comfortable to wear while the dual clips keep the holster rigidly in place. The Kydex pouch has a slight forward cant for an easier draw, and the leather skirt has a raised panel to keep the top of the slide from making contact with your body. It is a very well-thought-out design. (; 888-732-5011)

Galco Gunleather: Other IWB rigs include the Galco Stow-N-Go, which uses the same proven design as its Pocket Protector, featuring a heavy, double-stitched, suede-out pouch with a rollover lip around the throat to keep the holster opening rigid for easy draws and reholstering. The rig uses a 1.75-inch-wide, injection-molded belt clip to secure the holster. The grips, upper portion of the frame and rear of the triggerguard are left exposed. (; 800-874-2526)

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N82 Tactical: N82 Tactical has also introduced an IWB rig to accommodate the G42. This rig uses a combination of polycarbonate material to create a form-fitting, transparent pouch for the firearm that is attached to an oil-tanned leather skirt with a sheet of neoprene (the same stuff wetsuits are made from) sandwiched between the front of the skirt and a soft suede backing to rest against your skin or undershirt. The pouch and gun may be rigid, but what rests against your body is soft and pliable. Once the gun is seated and locked into place, a slight inward twist is required to release the triggerguard from the injection-molded pouch and draw the gun. That little safety step in the design will foil most attempts at a gun grab. (; 336-237-1943)

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