There have been some exciting new offerings in the high-tech personal security sector in 2016. Among them are a series of emergency devices, communications equipment and smart technology for securing firearms. Also included are some advanced, yet cost effective, electronic sights, ballistic weather centers and thermal imaging devices. Take a look at what’s new to see how you can give yourself a high-tech advantage every day.


Armasight Prometheus

ATN X-Sight II

BullsEye Camera Systems


Holosun LS420

Kestrel Weather & Ballistics Meters

Kodiak Arms Intelligun

Loksak Storage Bags

Midland E+Ready


SPOT Global Phone

Newcon Optik Seeker M

Peak Beam Systems Maxa Beam Searchlight

SafeLogic Xtreme

SportEAR Ghost Stryke

SportEAR X-Pro

Stag Outdoor HawkEye Z-Zoom Sport Camera

SwissTech BodyGard Series


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