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Alien Gear Holsters, the most comfortable concealed carry holsters on the planet, offers the most customizable IWB holster in existence with the award-winning Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster. This extraordinarily comfortable and concealable inside-the-waistband gun holster can be easily adjusted for cant, ride height and retention.

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Customer Service Representative Maxwell Wiener explained that few holster companies offer the adjustments Alien Gear Holsters does.

“Most gun holsters on the market are permanently riveted with non-adjustable hardware,” Wiener said. “Our holsters allow personalization with adjustable hardware, previously unavailable to folks that concealed carry.”

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By simply relocating the two durable holster belt clips provided in each order, concealed carriers can customize the holster cant (zero or 15 degrees in either direction) and ride height for ultimate comfort and concealability.

Mechanical Engineer Sean McCoy stressed the importance of carrying a holster with custom retention capabilities.

“Being able to tighten or loosen the holster retention on your gun, you can optimize the security of your holster for your own unique situation,” McCoy said.

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All Alien Gear Holsters are fully backed by a 30-Day Test Drive, Free Shell Trades for Life, and a Forever Warranty. Find the most comfortable and customizable concealed carry holster at for just $43.88. All IWB and OWB holsters are made proudly in America.

About Alien Gear Holsters

Founded in 2013, Alien Gear Holsters manufactures premium, incredibly comfortable holsters for concealed carry. Alien Gear Holsters are the most comfortable concealed carry holsters on the planet. Any planet. For more information about Alien Gear Holsters, visit

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