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Florida-based Clenzoil is expanding their impressive collection of cleaning supplies for firearms with the release of the PINK Field & Range Solution. Billed as a “one-step cleaner, lubricant, and rust preventative,” this product removes oils, dirt, copper, lead, and other contaminants from the firearm by providing a thin, non-greasy coating that works well on all moving parts of fine firearms and sporting equipment. Clenzoil is best suited for wood stocks and grips, in addition to leather holsters, scabbards and slings. It is not recommended for use with painted surfaces. Available at a suggested retail price of $8.50, a portion of all proceeds in Clenzoil’s PINK product line will be donated to a number of different Breast Cancer Research and Awareness foundations.

About Clenzoil

For years Clenzoil products have been used by military, law enforcement and civilian personnel primarily as a cleaner, lubricant and protectant for high grade weapons, weapon systems and firearms. Clenzoil products have also been used successfully in almost every industry segment spanning use for almost every task where a “CLP” product can and could be used. In their “Field and Range” category, Clenzoil has a well documented and an almost legendary and cult-like following among both civilian and military special forces as it is still considered (for over 67 years now) the “best of the best” in its field and application without equal.

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