You’ve liked GLOCK’s Facebook page, followed GLOCK’s tweets loyally and subscribed to GLOCK’s YouTube channel, so why not take it to the next level with GLOCK I.D.? Die-hard GLOCK fans now have another way to connect online.

The GLOCK I.D. (GID) community offers members numerous ways to contribute and engage with GLOCK and other GLOCK enthusiasts. Membership is free; just sign up by creating a username and password, and you will gain access to everything from training videos and member Q&As to an online record that’ll help you keep track of your range time.

The “My GLOCK Safe” feature helps you keep track of all your personal stats—as much or as little as you want to share. You select the models you own to put in your “safe.” After your range sessions, go online, plug in your round count for each pistol and upload a photo of your target. You can also create a shareable wish list of the models you want next. Part of the website is like a virtual logbook, allowing you to store your range session stats so you can see just how much you have improved over time or what you need to focus on during your next training session. After all, practice makes perfect.

Earning Points

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One of the really cool features of GID is the ability to earn points in order to level up. Earning points is easy, and you can earn special patches for specific milestones. If you log in your stats from your last range session, you’ll earn points. If you watch a training video, you’ll earn points. The videos are as helpful to new shooters and experienced shooters alike. You’ll get tips from Team GLOCK, find out the proper way to field-strip and clean your GLOCK, and even learn the exact areas on your pistol that need lube for optimum reliability. Want to know more about concealed carry? Are you new gun owner? GLOCK has numerous videos that are engaging and extremely helpful. The videos are also fun to watch, and The Gunny appears in several of them.

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Do you know what GLOCK model was the first long-slide? Know how the Gen4 is different from previous generations? How about the new G43? Can you name the three main safety features built into every GLOCK pistol? You can acquire even more points by learning more about GLOCK’s history and products and then taking fun quizzes to test your knowledge. Make The Gunny proud. Just go to the “Training” tab to get your PhD in GLOCK Perfection.

Upon signing up for GID, you’ll start off at Level 1 as a “Newbie” and work your way up the ranking ladder to the highest ranking at Level 25, “Perfection.” If you make Perfection, you’ll officially be a GLOCK expert. You can share your know-how with other GID members under the “Answers” tab. Member ask over 3,000 question a month, so there is lots of activity.

In The Know

GLOCK I.D., glock, glock ID, glock id website

Also, as a member of GID, you will be the first to hear about new products, the latest GLOCK events and see news that is important to you and other GLOCK members. The “Live Feed” tab is always changing. I keep it open in my browser since you never know what will be posted. You can share questions in the “Q&A” section. In the “Events” tab, members can entire their zip code and see upcoming events in their area, like Armorer’s Courses, Instructor’s Workshops and more. Past events in your area are also included on the website.

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All of these features can be accessed via a customizable dashboard so you can easily see at a glance your guns, the rounds you’ve fired and the activity feed. In short, GID is a great way to engage with GLOCK and other GID members and stay on the cutting edge!

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