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A great addition to the new Glock 17 Gen4 MOS or Glock 19 Gen4 MOS pistols are the new sights from TruGlo. The TFX Pro Sights offer tritium/fiber-optic sights that are virtually indestructible in combination with the company’s hermetically sealed capsule design within the TFX sights. These sights glow both day and night. This allows for very fast sight acquisition. TruGlo built the sights with its patented sealed-capsule technology and a “Fortress Finish” designed to stand up to just about anything shooters could throw at it.

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The TruGlo sights are unique in that they utilize both tritium and fiber-optic technology. In the front portion of the sight is a tritium vial that glows constantly. Behind that is a fiber optic that gathers and directs surrounding ambient light. These two items are then sealed in a TFX capsule to provide maximum protection of the tritium and fiber-optic elements from common oils, chemicals and other cleaning solvents.

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The fact of the matter is that brighter sights are simply easier to acquire. This is especially true in self-defense situations or when stress is a factor. The constant-on nature of the TFX Pro Sights make them a perfect choice for anyone looking to shave time off of their shots. Well made and sturdy, these are some of the best sights on the market today.

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