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(Photo by Hell-Bent Holsters)

Texas-based Hell-Bent Holsters has released the black carbon fiber Combat Wallet. Designed for everyday carry, this product fits in more pockets than a standard wallet, and features a clipped corner which gives you easy access to your cards. With a patent-pending design, Hell-Bent Holsters pressed the retention straight into the kydex, creating a fanning motion that lets you find the right card quickly and efficiently.

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Measuring 2.875″ x 3.875″, the Combat Wallet is available in small, which fits Fits up to 3 raised-letter cards or 5 flat cards, medium, which can accomodate up to 5 raised-letter cards or 8 flat cards, and large, with up to 9 raised-letter cards or 12 flat cards. The suggested retail price is $35.00, with an additional $10 for RFID protection.

About Hell-Bent Holsters

Hell-bent Holsters is owned and operated by founder Glade Smith. Forged from a dream and out of sheer necessity, Hell-Bent Holsters started with a single sheet of unused Kydex. With it, Glade created his very first product, the “bare-bones holster.” Hell-bent Holsters fired onto the tactical scene after their first big order from a gun shop just south of Houston, TX. Glade’s deep passion for guns, tactical and survival gear is the root of his business and what drives his motivation for 100% customer satisfaction. Before starting Hell-bent Holsters in April of 2011, Glade ran a custom upholstery business specializing in hot rod interiors. The previous venture gave him the skills and know-how to make the company what it is today.

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For more information, visit https://www.hellbentholsters.com.

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