Cell phones used to be very large, then they got very small and now they are enormous again. No one blinks an eye to see you carrying a cell phone the size of a hubcap anymore, so why not take advantage of that and design a holster that looks like a cell phone case? This is exactly what the folks at European American Armory (EAA) did with the new ABDO Holster.

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This is much more than a concealed-carry holster, it is also a portable and lockable safe. The ABDO is made from a tough and durable polymer construction that will easily withstand being driven over by a car. It is also completely ambidextrous with a reversible internal barrel rod. This rod is what holds your gun in place upright and ready to be accessed.

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The ABDO offers fast, fumble-free access to a small subcompact when needed.

ABDO will accommodate many of the most popular .32 ACP and .380 ACP semi-automatic pistols on the market, such as the Beretta Pico, the Diamondback DB380, the Kel-Tec P-3AT, the Seecamp 32 and the Ruger LCP. The attached spring-steel belt clip is suitable for either right- or left-handed use and can easily be attached inside a pouch or purse as well.

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The ABDO features a spring-loaded latch for fast deployments. An external key also allows it to be used as a safe.

The ABDO provides lighting-fast access to your firearm with a simple spring-loaded sliding latch on top. As soon as the latch is activated, the front of the holster swings out, exposing your firearm for easy reach. A polymer key is also included that can be used to manually lock the holster and block the latch so it cannot be opened. This makes the holster suitable for safe home firearms storage. It is also large enough to be used for other purposes, such as storing emergency medical and survival supplies instead of a firearm. This can be beneficial in places where concealed carry is not allowed but you still want to be able to conveniently carry other essential gear.

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A “smart” version of the holster will also soon be available with many advanced features, such as GPS tracking and remote lock/unlock abilities. An arm/disarm feature will also be available, which keeps the holster armed while carrying and immediately locks itself and sets off an alarm if the holster is removed without disarming it first.

All in all, the new EAA ABDO holster is a simple and safe storage system that concealed-carry permit holders should find to be very effective.

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