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The following is a press release from Ontario Knife Company

Ontario Knife Company® (OKC) is once again breaking new ground with the introduction of the Carter Prime. Designed by custom knife maker Robert Carter, the Carter Prime features a distinctive but functional look, lightning fast opening action, robust design, and high end materials. Overbuilt by OKC, this folding knife is tough and uncompromising.

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The OKC Carter Prime is the latest knife to come from the Pardue knife making dynasty, as OKC’s newest designer Robert Carter is the son of OKC blade-master Joe Pardue and the grandson of legendary designer Mel Pardue. The OKC Carter Prime, with its innovative look and superior performance, is a testament to that great legacy. OKC is proud to be a part of its next chapter.

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Featuring a thick D2 tool steel blade, the sheepsfoot knife offers inherent toughness and wear resistance. Elevated chromium levels in the D2 blade provides for superior corrosion and stain resistance compared to other tool steels. Designed as a heavy duty utility knife, the dark stonewashed finish provides a tough and rugged look while creating value for the tactically minded user by ensuring the Carter Prime will not cast an unwanted reflection.

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Adding a truly premium element to this knife is its titanium handle. Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element while offering excellent corrosion resistance—especially in seawater environments. This means with the Carter Prime, you will have the toughest, most dependable handle possible and an unbelievably lightweight knife. The OKC Carter Prime opens to a stout 7.95 inches (20.19 cm) overall with the blade accounting for 3.37 inches (8.56 cm).

The OKC Carter Prime has an MSRP of $144.95, is made in Taiwan and designed and distributed in the USA. For more information, visit http://www.ontarioknife.com.

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