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(Photo by Redding Reloading Equipment)

The following is a press release from Redding Reloading Equipment

New for 2016, Redding Reloading Equipment has designed a simple and effective tool called a Range Adapter as an accessory to the highly respected Instant Indicator.

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The Redding Instant Indicator is an excellent comparator which allows the serious handloader to measure and compare a number of critical variables in the sorting of components. It also aids in loading precise and consistent rounds for hunting or the most rigorous competitive disciplines. The instant Indicator has always been an effective and easy to use press mounted tool. Now this simple new Range Adapter puts the precision and versatility of the Instant Indicator in your hand at the range or the bench. The Range adapter will be included with all new Instant indicators shipping in 2016.

More information on the Instant Indicator can be viewed at:

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Redding Reloading Equipment has focused on building the finest quality, American Made products for the precision handloading market since 1946. To learn more about our ongoing commitment to the precision handloader and to request a copy of the new 2016 Redding catalog visit

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