Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Digital Portable Firearm Vault from USA Firearm Training is an ideal solution for gun storage. Essentially a small digital push button gun safe, this easy-to-use product is made of 16-gauge cold rolled steel with a scratch and impact resistant powder-coat painted finish. It has four rubber feet and two mounting holes at the bottom of the case. The mounting holes can be used to secure it to the floor, wall or furniture at home, or, if you want to use it in your car, you can use the included security cable to tie the safe to the frame of the vehicle. If you’re using this safe at home, you can turn off the digital beep sounds generated by pushing the key buttons in order to remain silent in the event that there are intruders. MSRP is $89.00.

About USA Firearm Training

USA Firearm Training is an instructor network. The company has a team of instructors that teach in person and online firearm training classes across the United States.

The company goal is to empower and prepare 1 million gun owners to act as “sheepdogs” or citizens that are prepared and willing to protect the innocent in our society from the criminals, predators, and terrorists that would feed on our communities. They do this by providing training, news, information, and products that help the American Gun Owner accomplish this task.

USA Firearm Training believes that in this society everyone is safer and better prepared by obtaining as much education, training, and knowledge as possible. They believe that firearm training is a lifelong pursuit. They believe in justice for the unjust, education for the people, and security for the public.

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