Too many times on my journey from novice shooter to “gun girl” (my whimsical term for competent female shooters), I searched for practical yet enjoyable reference material that would answer all my “dumb” questions (which really weren’t so dumb).

Later on, as I worked behind a gun counter, often waiting on women who had never even touched a firearm (let alone fired one), I was reminded that too few gun books really offered total novices a step-by-step method for getting to know their gun. When my beginner students, male and female alike, complained about the avalanche of information unleashed on them in the 12-hour concealed-carry class once mandated by the state of Ohio, I developed an Introduction to Handguns class, along with copious pages of handouts, charts and guidelines. I wanted to make the education process less overwhelming, yet thorough and enjoyable.

Then suddenly, as a previously published author, it occurred to me. “You dummy. You keep looking for a book that gives your students exactly what you once needed. Why not write it yourself?” And so The Handgun Guide for Women was born. Packed with step-by-step guidance, detailed basics and my own peculiar sense of humor, the book struck a chord and sold out shortly after its November 2015 release. The typical comment I hear from readers is, “You answered the questions I thought were too stupid to ask.”

So I’ve outlined a few key points from the book with the hope that you may find answers to some of your questions, as well. Scroll through the gallery above to learn more.


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