Concealed carry handguns are meant to be small, and as a result most have minimalistic sights at best. To be fair, these are not target pistols. So, every advantage you can gain will help. With a weapon-mounted laser, you can engage a target from any position and the shot will go where you see the dot. Here are some of the latest and greatest lasers for your concealed carry handgun.


LaserMax’s new Spartan series offers compact and economical laser sights that fit neatly beneath most any pistol’s accessory rails, from full sized to compact. Available with a red or green laser, the Spartan series features ambidextrous push-button activation that can be easily reached with the trigger finger and an auto-off system to preserve battery life. The bottom of the lightweight, polymer unit also features additional rail space so it can be combined with a tactical light if so desired. The beam can also be set to constant-on or strobe. (; 800-527-3703)

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The Viridian Reactor R5 green laser unit fits pocket pistols like the Ruger LCP and LC9s as well as compact Glocks and Smith & Wesson pistols, among others. This unit attaches to the triggerguard and fits underneath the barrel. It features Viridian’s Instant-On activation, while the manual power button controls the unit’s multiple settings. This unit is available with a red or green laser and also as a tactical-light-only unit, which aids in target identification as well as aiming. (; 800-990-9390)

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Crimson Trace

The latest in Lasergrips from Crimson Trace, which replace the grips on your gun, is the LG-350, which fits all Smith & Wesson round-butt J-Frame revolvers. These grips emit a bright green or red laser from the top right side of the grip. They also feature a new ShockStop recoil mitigation system that makes very lightweight revolvers much more comfortable to shoot. This grip is a lot larger than the factory grip, but the increase in comfort and accuracy is undeniable. (; 800-442-2406)

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LaserLyte manufactures great laser-based training aids as well as laser sights for a variety of rifles, pistols and shotguns. The company’s Trigger Guard Laser (TGL) is available with a red laser and offers durability in a very compact package. The TGL is available for a wide variety of pocket and subcompact pistols. It mounts easily to the triggerguard, resting under the barrel with ambidextrous programmable controls. It features a slick and seamless design. (; 928-649-3201)

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