If you’re looking for a sight that’ll provide you with clear and crisp images for outstanding accuracy in virtually any night time environment, check out the D-750 4.0x from Bering Optics. This night vision sight boasts new HD multicoated optics, a modern design, polyamide molded housing, a standard Weaver MIL-STD-1913 rail mount system, and ergonomic controls for the end user. See below for a full list of included features.

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  • High Definition (HD) multicoated optics – Latest development
  • Excellent range and detection performance
  • Superior for medium and long range shooting
  • Ergonomically designed controls
  • Accurate internal focus adjustment mechanism
  • Manual image intensifier tube gain control
  • Protected against excess light exposure
  • Precise Windage/Elevation adjustment mechanism
  • Dual color Mil-Dot red-on-green or yellow-on-green reticle with adjustable brightness
  • Powered by two AA batteries
  • Best in the industry battery life of up to 120 hours
  • Standard Weaver MIL-STD-1913 rail mount system
  • Guaranteed zero retention on medium caliber weapons
  • Can be used with heavy recoil weapons, including .375H&H and .50 cal.
  • Waterproof
  • Dust proof
  • Nitrogen filled with ability to refill using a specially designed valve
  • Nitrogen gas kit available as an optional accessory
  • Photo/video equipment adaptable
  • Standard 2-year warranty

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About Bering Optics

Bering Optics is an independent manufacturer of a full-line of night vision optics, red dot sights and accessories. Established in 2009, Texas-based Bering Optics is one of the few remaining manufacturers that creates and designs its own products. Bering Optics product parameters have no rounding or exaggerations – the consumer gets exactly what is advertised. To ensure customer satisfaction, all products come with the Limited Lifetime Warranty for optical and mechanical parts. Furthermore, all products pass a quality check before being shipped to the customer. Customer supportive website,, featuring complete product information including key specifications, instruction manuals and the original “Look through the device” visual simulation feature. The Bering Optics product lineup features more than 40 models. Every model has been well thought about and fully tested before being offered to ensure the maximum satisfaction and the same approach will be utilized as we keep expending the Bering Optics entire line.

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