Black Hills Ammunition has introduced a new a new .38 Special round in its Xtreme Defense line. Developed with Lehigh Defense, this round uses a 100-grain projectile that provides 1000 FPS out of a snub-nose revolver (and over 1250 FPS from 6″ revolvers). The patent-pending, sharp-edged, all-copper design provides optimum penetration and creates a larger temporary cavity than conventional hollow points through cutting and redirecting the tissue radially, rather than relying on expansion. This creates a superior wound channel in both depth and diameter. This design has no cavity to clog with clothing material or when penetrating light barriers. In essence, this is a great self-defense round for your revolver. The suggested retail price has not yet been announced.

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About Black Hills Ammunition

Currently all branches of the US Military purchase match 5.56mm ammunition from Black Hills. Law enforcement agencies nationwide rely on their ammo too. Jeff Hoffman has been a sworn officer since 1979. Before starting the business Jeff personally inspected the ammunition he carried on duty. Now every round of ammunition leaving the factory is hand inspected by Black Hills’ quality control staff.

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Firearms manufacturers use Black Hills ammunition for testing during development because they have a reputation for excellence. They currently sell to Armalite, Beretta, Browning, Cimarron, Colt’s Manufacturing, Colt’s Defense, DPMS, Dakota Arms, Detonics, FN, Freedom Arms, GA Precision, H&R 1871, Heckler and Koch, Iron Brigade Armory, Kimber, Landtee, Lewis Machine, Marlin, McMillan Brothers, Mossberg, Patriot Arms, Robar, Rock River Arms, Savage Arms, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Sturm Ruger, Texas Brigade Armory, and Wilson Combat.

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