Stealth, speed and surprise can stack the odds in your favor during a carjacking or home invasion. Practically speaking, a weapon stored in a gun safe is safe from unauthorized hands, but retrieving that weapon costs precious time to get it into action at a moment’s notice. There is no pause button to press when you hear the sound of breaking glass at night. Having a gun easily accessible yet hidden allows you to quickly defend yourself and take advantage of a situation. Here are a number of products for home or vehicle defense.

Gun Storage Options

Console Vault Vehicle Vault

Grassburr Medium C-Burr Top Mount

GlockStore Under Desk Concealment Plate

Gold Star Under The Steering Column Holster

Creative Home Engineering Pool Cue Rack

Gun Bed Log Style Gun Bed

Heracles Research CouchBunker

LedgeLocker Mechanical Shelf

New Jersey Concealment Furniture Classic Coat Rack

QLine Design SafeGuard Shelving System

SecureIt Fast Box Hawk

SleepSafe Nightstand

Secret Compartment Furniture Bedside Table

Uncle Sharkey’s Coffee Table


11 Essential Bedside Gun Safes

9 Gun Safes & Accessories For Home Defense

Console Vault: Secure ‘Em In Plain Sight

GlockStore Releases Double Diamond 3.5 lb. Connector for Glock Handguns

LedgeLocker’s 24″ X 12″ Mechanized Shelf

SecureIt Tactical Releases Guard 6 Conversion Kit for Civilians

Uncle Sharkey’s Mantel Safe

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