Kimber is now offering a line of engraved custom 1911s sure to please the eye and the wallet. The Custom Shop’s engraved pistols are the Stainless II (Classic Engraved Edition) and the Stainless II (Texas Edition). As functional as they are attractive, both are full-sized 1911s with all the features customers have come to expect from Kimber.

Special Specs

kimber, kimber stainless ii, stainless ii, stainless ii classic engraved
Kimber Stainless II (Classic Engraved Edition)

Both engraved pistols begin life as a standard Kimber Stainless II pistol, with a stainless steel frame and a slide finished in satin silver. The “II” in the name indicates the presence of the trigger-activated Swartz Safety system.

Very little is changed in converting a Stainless II to either of the engraved models. The two engraved pistols retain the same weapon capabilities as the parent Stainless II. All three use the same fixed, low-profile sights, a full-length recoil spring guide rod, a burr hammer, a sear, a skeletonized match-grade trigger, a 5-inch barrel with a stainless steel, match-grade bushing and a beavertail grip safety.

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Front serrations and a satin silver finish are on the slides for the Stainless II and Classic Engraved. The Texas Edition does not have these features, but its flats are highly polished. The Stainless II is available in .45 ACP and 9mm, though engraved pistols are only available in .45 ACP.

The Classic arrives wearing attractive French walnut with checkered ivory Micarta grips. Riding the Texas Edition are smooth, bonded ivory grips with the words “Come and Take It” on the left panel and “State of Texas” with a state flag inset on the right panel. Both grip types are functional, but the Classic might have a little edge with its checkering.

More Details

kimber, kimber stainless ii, stainless ii, stainless ii texas edition
Kimber Stainless II (Texas Edition)

The engraving is the reason for the Classic and the Texas Edition’s existence. The Classic Engraved Edition has full vine and leaf tool engraving with stipple relief on the frame and slide as well as an accent-engraved flat mainspring housing. Engraving is not only on the sides of the slide but on the bottom of the dustcover. All this makes the Classic look exceptionally nice.

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Kimber’s eye-catching Texas Edition pistol has attractive “western leaf” and scroll engraving with a sawtooth border on the slide. Highly polished flats and engraving make the limited-edition Texas Edition a striking design. So striking in fact that it’s already sold out. But customers can still obtain the Classic Engraved Edition, which start at $1,095.

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