The following is a press release from Liberty Suppressors

Liberty Suppressors – makers of the world’s finest firearm sound suppressors – would like to announce the release of their latest silencer design, the Centurion 9mm pistol silencer.

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The Centurion is the next evolution in pistol silencer design, utilizing groundbreaking baffle technology along with the most durable materials; Liberty brings maximum results to the table once again. The Centurion is 6.5″ with a core of stainless steel, a titanium tube, and weighing in at only 12.5 ounces with Recoil Booster attached, this silencer is light and compact. This suppressor shares the same mounts and adapters as our popular Mystic family of silencers. The Centurion is rated for 22LR, 300BLK, and 9MM. The size and versatility of this silencer is unmatched.

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The Centurion is THE perfect suppressor for your nightstand pistol.

MSRP for the Centurion is set at $835.

About Liberty Suppressors

Liberty Suppressors is a family owned, Georgia based silencer company that pioneered the concept that a monolithic silencer can be quiet. The company offers a full line of silencers for everything from 22LR up to 300 Remington Ultra Mag. Liberty Suppressors can be found on the web at and by phone at 706-661-6911.

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