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The all-new Tango Shotgun Round by Rockledge, Florida-based OATH Ammunition is now available for preorder. As AllOutdoor.com points out, these 100% copper, 602-grain, hollow point, 12-gauge slugs — which are loaded into a lightweight, 2.75″ aerospace aluminum case — travel down range at a rate of 1200 FPS and achieve a whopping three inches of expansion upon impact. The suggested retail price is $34.95.

  • 2.75″ In Length
  • 602 Grain “Tango” Expandable Projectile
  • Travels Down Range At 1200 FPS
  • 3 Inch Expansion Upon Penetration
  • Ultra-Lightweight “CNC” 7000 Series Aluminum Case
  • Weather Sealed
  • 5 Rounds Per Package

About OATH Ammunition

The OATH corporation is a company founded on the sole principle of creating a better bullet for military, law enforcement and shooters everywhere. The company prides themselves in manufacturing the finest, precision machined, lead free performance bullets in the world. The manufacturing process starts from the component level and they use only the highest quality materials.

For more information, visit http://www.oathammo.com


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