Those of us who take concealed carry seriously, along with the responsibility that comes with it, also commit ourselves to receiving proper training and practicing as much as we can.

Of course, that is not to say that training should be mandatory in order to exercise a basic right, but it is a really good idea. Unfortunately, we all have jobs, families, bills, etc., that can make getting quality training a challenge. But that is not an excuse, especially with the availability of training videos from Panteao Productions, which showcases the very best instructors to bring their expertise directly to you either on a DVD or online.

Two recent videos from Panteao will be of special interest to anyone who carries concealed or is considering it. The first is Make Ready with Matt Jacques: Fundamentals of Everyday Carry, which, as the name implies, takes a structured and careful approach to the topic. Jacques has more than 20 years of experience as a former police officer with federal and state agencies and a Marine Corps military police veteran. He now works as an instructor offering both civilian and law enforcement training.

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Jacques takes a very straightforward and professional approach to the topic, and his style will appeal to beginners and experienced shooters alike. It would be a great video to watch as a family in fact. He starts with discussing the rules of safety and moves on to the philosophy of carrying a gun on a daily basis. He also discusses handgun options and features, and how to select what works best for each individual and their lifestyle. This includes a discussion on handgun enhancements that can make your handgun more effective and more comfortable to carry and use.

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Too often the importance of ancillary gear is omitted from concealed-carry discussions, but not so here. Jacques discusses carrying spare ammunition, knives, tactical pocket flashlights and their uses, as well as the importance of having quality gear, such as proper holsters and actual gun belts. The video is indeed comprehensive, including discussions of carry positions, the best use of cover garments and modifications you can make, grip draw and presentation of your gun. And finally, Jacques walks the viewer through specific lifesaving drills on reloads, engaging multiple targets and self-defense at home. If the video leaves you wanting more, the sequel, Make Ready with Matt Jacques: Fighting from Concealment, offers more advanced techniques.

Safe Carry

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In this DVD, Ayoob covers every aspect of concealed carry, including legal issues surrounding deadly force.

The other concealed carry DVD, Make Ready with Massad Ayoob: Ayoob on Concealed Carry, comes from one of, if not the most, trusted sources on the topic on concealed carry. Ayoob has 36 years of law enforcement experience, 30 years of experience as an expert witness in defensive shooting cases and has been a respected gun writer since 1971. Ayoob’s relaxed, instructional style is informative, approachable and entertaining while the content of what he has to say is deadly serious.

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Ayoob starts with a display of his concealment prowess by producing 51 handguns before delving into the basic rules of concealed carry, which include comfort, concealment, accessibility and security. The basic instruction in the video follows with methods of concealed carry, holsters, drawing from concealment, off-body carry, concealing large handguns and drawing from disadvantaged or compromised positions. He also delves into the unending debate between open and concealed carry with a reasonable middle-of-the-road explanation.

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However, Ayoob is at his very best and offers his singularly most valuable advice when discussing the use of lethal force. He makes it very clear that, as he has seen firsthand, the repercussions can be severe. Finally, he offers his 10 commandments of concealed carry, which include always carry but never illegally; train; don’t be reckless just because you are armed; keep it concealed; carry enough gun; use common sense; and read the fine print.

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Panteao Productions is the leading provider of training DVDs featuring world-renowned experts, but no video can replace range time with a qualified instructor. However, these videos make an excellent educational resource that will help you improve your self-defense training.

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