The following is a press release from TacticalWalls

TacticalWalls continues to change the way people think about home firearms storage. Known for its Hidden in Plain Sight philosophy, each product in the TacticalWalls line is disguised as a fully functional piece of home décor – such as shelves, mirrors, marker-boards and much more. Now, users will have even greater security and easier accessibility thanks to TacticalWalls new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locking models.

The RFID locking mechanism will be offered as an optional alternative to the existing magnetic lock on select TacticalWalls models, including:

1450M Bundle – MSRP’s range $630-760
1420M Bundle – MSRP’s range $500-660
825 Pistol Length Shelf (PLS) – MSRP’s range $435-495
812 Pistol Length Shelf (PLS) – MSRP’s range $219-349

*MSRP ranges depend on trim and finish options.

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With the release of the new RFID models, firearms owners can access their guns even faster in an emergency. Opening up the hidden compartment is as easy as swiping the preset RFID card in front of the locking mechanism. Each unit will come standard with two key cards and one programming card used to match the key to the proper unit(s). Firearms owners can also order additional RFID cards if needed. One card can also be set to open multiple units, granting access to each firearm staged throughout the home.

Another unique feature of the new RFID-locking models is a programmable Tattle Tale function. When turned on, the Tattle Tale function will start beeping after the unit has been left open for a period of time. This important safety enhancement helps firearms owners keep guns from unwanted users by reminding them when the compartment is left open. This feature can also be disabled if preferred. If the battery on the RFID locking mechanism runs out of power, the unit automatically defaults to an unlocked-but-still-closed position.

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Tim Matter, Founder of TacticalWalls, said, “The addition of the RFID locks to our line-up is a key step in the direction this company is going. We aim to be the leader in home firearms storage by offering a wide variety of options for firearms owners to safely store their guns out of sight. The new RFID models, combined with a growing selection of finish and trim options, give our customers a greater level of customization to how they want their TacticalWalls concealment system to look and function.”

Among several advantages offered by the new RFID-equipped models, a major benefit is the enhanced ability of the owner to selectively grant certain people access and not others. Speed of access is also of paramount importance to firearms owners who choose to stage defensive guns at strategic locations in their home. The RFID lock buys the owner an extra couple seconds, which could mean the difference between life and death.

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