Clinger Holsters Stingray

The IWB Stingray holster is made from Kydex and designed for either behind-the-hip or appendix carry with a 0-, 15-, 30-degree or flush-fit cant. It features a full sweat shield and rust-free hardware to ensure a long service life for both the holster and your firearm’s finish. Right- and left- handed configurations of the Stingray are available for many gun models, including those from Colt, Glock, Kahr, Kimber, HK, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Sig Sauer. (; 479-650-0379)

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Comp-Tac QH

The QH is a modular hybrid holster that comes in four sizes to accommodate most pistol models. These holsters are available for right-side carry only, and are made with a funneled Kydex shell for a smooth draw and a leather backing for extended comfort. Polymer mounting clips allow for ride height and cant adjustment. (; 866-441-9157)

Freedom Munitions’ New American Steel & Boar Buster Loads

Freedom Munitions is introducing two exciting new loads for 2016. American Steel is a value-priced line with copper-plated steel cartridge cases that function very smoothly in semi-automatic pistols. American Steel also uses Xtreme Ballistics copper-plated bullets which are very accurate. The new addition to this line is a 115-grain 9mm loading. The new, high-performance Boar Buster load, which features Nosler’s Bonded Performance projectile, is designed for those who hunt hogs with the .223 Remington. (; 208-746-3668)

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HIVIZ LiteWave Sights

While fiber-optic sights are becoming more and more popular on firearms, HIVIZ now offers the LiteWave sight for most popular handguns. The clever design of LiteWave offers outstanding durability for your handgun as well as three different-sized bright red, green or white LitePipes for any lighting condition. (; 800-589-4315)

Rock Island Armory TAC Ultra FS

Rock Island Armory (Armscor-RIA) is continuing to grow its TCM pistol series by announcing the latest entries in the line—the TCM Rock Ultra CCO and the TCM Rock Ultra CS-L. Following up its 2014 releases of the mid-size and full-size Rock and TAC TCM pistols, this year Armscor-RIA will be offering the CCO and a left-handed version of the TCM Rock Ultra Compact-Size. (; 775-537-1444)

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Owned by Hornady, SnapSafe modular gun vaults feature a traditional bolt/nut system that locks the exterior 9-gauge steel walls together in minutes with the use of the included wrench. It gives you the strength and integrity of a welded safe with none of the hassle, so it can go anywhere, even an upstairs closet. SnapSafe gun vaults can be delivered right to your door. You unpack the components piece by piece and then move and assemble them anywhere in minutes with no tools. SnapSafe fire-protection safes, which offer protection up to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour, make excellent safes for guns, valuables and important documents. (; 877-214-4470)

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