If you spend a few minutes online, you will find countless lists of items to include in any emergency bag. The lists will include items ranging from obvious items like firearms and knives to water-filtration straws. A majority of these lists, however, miss something that should be considered essential: protective eyewear.

While the uninitiated might scoff at the idea, your ability to protect your eyes in disaster situations can mean the difference between life and death. If you are in the middle of chopping or cutting something, for example, there is a chance that flying debris can damage your eyes. If your eyes are injured, it will make even the most simple survival task almost impossible.

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One of the best sets of glasses available today comes from Angel 7 Industries. The company’s new Ghost Shield glasses are the perfect addition to any bug-out bag. First and foremost, the Ghost Shield glasses provide exceptional ballistic protection. An additional and crucial component to these glasses is their foundational, state-of-the-art i-RMR technology, which dramatically increases the ballistic capabilities of eyewear and eye protection systems without compromising lens thickness, optical clarity or increasing weight. Originally designed as shooting glasses, the engineers at Angel 7 went as far as shooting a 12-gauge shotgun at the glasses to confirm their strength. There was no pellet penetration at all. With this type of ballistic prowess, the Ghost Shield glasses can protect you from even the most dangerous debris.

In Any Light

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Another great component of the glasses is that they are some of the clearest and quickest-reacting photochromic glasses available. According to Angel 7, Ghost Shield technology enables eyewear and eye protection systems to automatically adjust to any lighting condition much faster than any other photochromic technology on the market. Eyewear systems utilizing Ghost Shield technology are almost completely clear when inactivated and return to clear almost three times faster than any other photochromic technology on the market. This allows the glasses to be worn at any time, day or night. This shrinks the number of items you need in your bag by having one set of glasses that works both as clear protection and sunglasses.

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By their very nature, the number of items in a bug-out bag should be limited. The bag needs to be a balance between thoroughness and portability. The temptation to keep adding items to a bag is common, but remember, you may need to carry this bag for prolonged periods of time. Choose what you add to the bag very carefully, and endeavor to have those items serve more than one role. The Ghost Shield glasses from Angel 7 Industries meet those guidelines and make a solid addition to any emergency bug-out bag!

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