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Americans are continuing to purchase guns in record numbers.

As the Washington Free Beacon points out, a recently released FBI report revealed that the agency conducted over 2.1 million gun background checks for the month of June, an increase of more than 600,000 over last year’s record. This marks the 14th month in a row to set a new record for NICS background checks.

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The record number of checks for the month of June can be attributed to a few different factors, primarily the deadly shooting in Orlando, Florida which claimed the lives of 49 people, and the renewed push for more gun control measures in both chambers of Congress as a result.

If the upward trend continues, there will be over 32 million checks conducted this year, more than double the number of checks during President Obama’s first year in office. There have been 26.5 million checks during the previous 12 months, which is more than any 12-month period previously, the NRA-ILA said.

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As the Washington Free Beacon points out, the number of gun background checks is not a true indicator of the number of firearms purchased, as many states don’t require background checks for sales between private parties, and some checks are representative of more than one sale to the same person. However, it does provide an idea of where the general public appetite is for firearms, and if these numbers are any indication, the appetite is only getting larger.

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