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A pair of intruders at a home in Jefferson County, Missouri got more than they bargained for when they were confronted by a 77-year-old homeowner armed with a shotgun.

According to KMOV, the homeowner was at her house located at Rock Creek Road in Hillsboro in the early morning hours of July 17 when she heard a suspicious noise.

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“She grabs the shotgun and goes back to where she hears a noise and finds two individuals inside one of her spare bedrooms,” said Detective Sergeant James Kauzler with Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

As soon as the two suspects realized the homeowner was armed, they escaped through the same bathroom window they originally used to sneak into the house. There is no indication that the homeowner suffered any physical injuries.

The homeowner’s neighbor, 87-year-old Doris Jackson, told KMOV the incident is alarming, but she’s prepared to defend herself with a gun.

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“How about a nine millimeter. I wouldn’t have a shotgun but I have some more besides that, I’ve got some guns you know,” said Jackson.

Police said the suspects left behind their burglary tools and a cell phone, which has been used to identify a person of interest in this case. No arrests have been made as of yet.

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