1441 Gear Paratus Holster

Made from rugged carbon-fiber Kydex, the outside-the-waistband Paratus holster from 1441 Gear offers a comfortable draw whether you’re sitting, standing or driving. The holster’s design allows the triggerguard of your firearm to remain exposed, so you can get a full grip while the gun is holstered. Available in a variety of finishes, including Flat Dark Earth and OD green, the Paratus offers rounded edges for all-day carry and can be ordered in both right- and left-hand configurations. The holster is available for a number of gun makes, including 1911s, Glocks and Rugers. (

Black Hills Xtreme Defense Ammo

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Pocket pistols chambered in .380 ACP tend to be small and concealable, but to be effective, you need the best ammunition possible. Black Hills’ Xtreme Defense ammo doesn’t rely on a hollow-point design, which can fail to expand or plug with clothing. Instead, it uses a new design with a homogenous copper projectile with cutting edges on the forward surface and flutes on the ogive that redirect the tissue as it impacts and penetrates at a velocity of over 1,150 fps. This is a superior design in terms of effectiveness. (; 605-348-5150)

Competition Target Systems Round Gong Target

This 0.375-inch-thick, laser-cut target Gong is made of certified AR500 steel, producing an extremely durable target capable of withstanding thousands of rounds from both pistol and rifle calibers up to .30-06. The two holes in the target fit 0.5-inch carriage bolts and allow the unit to be mounted with chains as a gong-style target. When hit, gong targets swing freely and offer an easily audible sound, verifying your accuracy results from distance. (; 507-723-4160)

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Gorilla Silverback Ammo

Gorilla Ammunition has introduced a new Silverback line of ammo that features innovative solid-copper bullet technology. Gorilla’s Silverback rifle and pistol ammo in the self-defense line is designed for optimum penetration and maximum expansion in soft tissues, all while retaining 100 percent of its mass through many different barriers. In addition, there are two 300 BLK Silverback offerings, one supersonic and one subsonic, that offer deep penetration and expansion that is greatly superior to traditional lead bullet technology. (; 772-766-5805)

Gunsite Terrorist Response Training

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Gunsite Academy, the world’s oldest and largest firearms training facility, is offering a new course: Active Shooter/Terrorist Response for Civilians. This course will cover criminal versus terrorist attacks, the criminal/terrorist attack cycle, response options, lone-wolf attacks, large-scale, multi-venue attacks and much more. This course is handgun-centric, because that is probably what you will have if you should encounter this type of deadly threat. Preparedness is insurance. Will you act to protect the ones you love if an active shooter or terrorist event comes to you? (; 928-636-4565)

Hazard 4 Aerolite Shoulder Holster

The Aerolite Ultralight Shoulder Holster allows you to pack multiple pistol options discreetly and comfortably. Breathable mesh helps keep sweat under control while the Ultralight’s ambi-swappable design incorporates a pair of magazine pouches on the weak side to help offset the weight of the weapon. The The Aerolite is water-repellent and the  thumb-break holster is ready to meet the demands of all-day carry. (; 626-344-1454)

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Jotto Gear Home Defense Cabinet

Jotto Gear’s Home Defense Cabinet allows secure firearms storage that is subtler and more attractive than a gun safe. The storage compartment is placed directly into a wall, with a full-length mirror concealing the door. The guns inside are secured with either keyed locks or biometric fingerprint locks, keeping your firearms out of the hands of children and burglars alike. There is plenty of additional storage room inside the cabinet for flashlights and other home-defense gear. (

Kimber PepperBlaster

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Each PepperBlaster unit contains two separate pepper gel charges activated by a common double-action trigger. A built-in swing-away triggerguards helps prevent unintentional discharge. The PepperBlaster is driven by a pair of pistons that are, in turn, powered by a pyrotechnic charge activated by the trigger. As a result, the PepperBlaster II can ride safely and inconspicuously for years until called upon in an emergency. The PepperBlaster II resembles a small polymer-framed handgun while the original PepperBlaster looks similar to a small cell phone. (; 888-243-4522)

Mastermind Tactics Trango AIWB

The Trango AIWB (appendix, inside the waistband) holster comes standard with a solid belt loop attachment and an easy on/off clip that offers more convenience while still being secure enough for most situations. The Trango AIWB features adjustable ride height, including a high ride height that allows for faster draw speeds and a medium ride height that aids in concealment. The holster also comes standard with a medical-grade foam backing lined with a moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabric for increased comfort and concealability. (

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Mesa Tactical Telescoping Stock System

The LEO Telescoping Stock Adapter and Pistol Grip System is designed for the Beretta 1301 semi-automatic shotgun. The versatile telescoping stock system can be fitted with a standard AR-15 grip and a telescoping stock, which enables operators to instantly adjust the length of pull of the telescoping stock in order to accommodate differences in individual body sizes, or when wearing body armor, without compromising the safest shooting position. No gunsmithing is required to install the LEO system or when adding any of its optional accessories.(; 714- 545-3332)

MotoShot Elite Target Systems

ammo, ammunition, holster, holsters, MotoShot Elite Target Systems

Designed to incorporate lifelike movements, such as charging, zero-radius turning and the realism of hit-reactive 3D targets, the MotoShot Elite Target System is an excellent tool for all types of tactical and CCW training. Also, with quick-exchange accessories, such as an LED light bar and a surveillance camera with an HD monitor, the MotoShot Elite easily transforms into a tactical response robot. As a testament to the unit’s unique tactical training qualities, MotoShot recently donated one of its Elite Training Systems to Oregon’s Washington County Sheriff’s Department Firearms Training Program and SWAT/Tactical Response Unit. (; 866-580-4284)

Robert Louis Company Bullseye Blast

If you want instant feedback when you’re training, the Bullseye Blast can provide it. The Blast provides a target that not only makes a sound when you hit it dead center, it also rotates 90 degrees, setting up a second target for immediate follow-up shots. Attach the Blast to the company’s innovative Wobbler unit, an oscillating device, and the Blast moves back and forth for a more challenging and interesting target package. Both products work in concert with the company’s Pistolero PistoLaser. (; 203-270-1400)



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