The action in a 3-Gun match is non-stop, and to compete you need a shotgun that performs consistently, is fast to reload and that produces manageable recoil. Talk to any 3-Gun pro and they will say reliability is the most important factor. If your shotgun is not reliable, it is of no use in 3-Gun matches.

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The first thing you should do prior to purchasing a 3-Gun shotgun is determine which division you want to compete in. Competitors are divided into divisions based on the types of firearms and optics they use. Typically you will see tube-magazine-fed, semi-automatic shotguns exclusively in 3-Gun matches. You can use a pump in any division, but if you want to keep up with everyone else, opt for an automatic. Pump shotguns, however, are the only action type allowed in the Heavy Sport division. If you want to try out the sport, you can get away with your bird gun or tactical shotgun, but the issue with the shotgun you have at home is the magazine capacity, which is limited to five rounds after the magazine plug is removed.

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Dedicated 3-Gun shotguns feature extended magazines with eight-, nine-, 10-round and higher capacities. It all depends on the division in which you compete. Other considerations for 3-Gun shotguns include the availability of after-market accessories like magazine tube extensions, shell carriers, fiber-optic sights, oversized controls, compensators and muzzle brakes. Again, your choices depend on the division in which you choose to compete. Here are 15 shotguns when you have a need for speed on steel.




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