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(Photo by MTM Case-Gard)

The following is a press release from MTM Case-Gard

Since 1968 to present, MTM continually designs and produces products for the shooting enthusiast. MTM offers solutions to shooters for organizing ammo and gear; the New 100 Round 22 Caliber Ammo Box is among these products.

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New to the P-100 Series line-up, the 100 Round 22 Caliber Ammo Box is designed specifically for 22 LR and 25 ACP ammo. This ammo box is constructed of durable materials that provide a scratch resistant exterior. The ammo box stores 100 rounds of 22 LR or 25 ACP neatly with the bullet tip up. These easy-to-carry and easy-to-store boxes are stackable for convenient storage or transportation. The snap-latch on the front of the box ensures a secure closure while the flip top clear blue lid allows shooters to view quantities without opening the container.

100 Rd 22 Caliber Ammo Box Features

· Holds ammo bullet tip up
· Stackable
· See-Thru
· Color: Clear Blue
· MSRP: $2.49

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MTM Case-Gard is family owned and operated since 1968. MTM strives to be innovative in our approach to the shooting sports. All of our products were either designed by one of us, as a solution to a problem we ran into, or because you, the Case-Gard user, suggested it. The results are innovative quality products that last! For more information and availability, check with your local sporting goods dealer or contact MTM Molded Products at (937) 890-7461. See the full line of MTM products at

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