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A store clerk in southwest Ohio shot an armed robbery suspect last Friday night. reports that a man in his late 20s wearing a mask and latex surgical gloves walked into the Harrison Food Mart in Cheviot just after 11 p.m. The suspect drew a handgun, pointed it at the clerk behind the counter and began demanding money.

The Cheviot Police Department says the clerk, who just happened to be a concealed carry permit holder, managed to pull out his legally-owned gun and open fire, shooting the armed robber.

The suspect immediately fled the scene and was arrested by police next door shortly thereafter. The man was then taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center to be treated for his injuries. His condition has not yet been made available.

The would-be armed robber carried no identification on him, so Cheviot police are asking for anybody with more information about this case to contact the Cheviot Police Department at 513-825-2280.

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