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The following is a press release from Stack-On Products

Stack-On® Products is adding more alternatives to its line of long gun safes. A biometric lock has been added to three of the most popular safes, each with a specific customer in mind thanks to entry level price points and top-end capacity and features.

“We are very excited to provide this breakthrough biometric option to three of our long gun safes,” said Don Pannier, Executive Vice President at Stack-On. “Not only is this a highly functional biometric (fingerprint) lock that holds up to 20 fingerprints, we have designed it so it is easy to use even in dark or dim light conditions. Simply touch the lock face anywhere and the biometric reader will illuminate to allow for quick and easy use and access.”

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The new lock face features an ergonomic design that is placed at just the right angle to make it easy to scan your fingerprint. The lock features a backlit scanner, LED status indicator, choice of audible tone or silent entry operation, and stores up to 20 fingerprints in memory. All three safes include matching brushed nickel hardware and a backup key that is accessible from the front of the safe.

“This fingerprint reader incorporates new technology that makes it easier to program and provides better performance,” said Shelley Nehrt, Director of Product Development at Stack-On. “Fingerprint or biometric locks are so convenient for users, no combinations to remember, buttons to press or dials to turn.”

Available models

Elite Series Model # E-69-MB-B-S is fire-resistant for 30 minutes up to 1400°F (tested and verified by an independent lab), and holds up to 69 long guns. The flexible carpeted interior includes three high-capacity and two easy-access barrel rests as well as six adjustable shelves. It is secured with seven 1.5″ live-action locking bolts and three 1″ solid-steel dead bolts.

Total Defense Model # TD-40-GP-B-S is fire-resistant for 75 minutes up to 1400°F, waterproof in up to two feet of standing water for 72 hours (tested and verified by an independent lab), and holds up to 40 long guns. The flexible carpeted interior includes two high-capacity and one easy-access barrel rest along with five adjustable shelves. A factory-installed 120v electrical socket can power in-safe lighting kits, dehumidifiers and more.

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SS Series Model # SS-16-MB-B holds up to 16 long guns; patented barrel rests accept rifles, side-by-side shotguns and rifles equipped with a scope. The door is secured by three 1″ live-action locking bolts and two 1″ solid-steel dead bolts. It features a carpeted interior, removable shelf and door-mounted tray organizer.

These new safes are available to purchase online and at local suppliers now. These safes are California-approved Firearm Safety Devices that meet the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder.

About Stack-On Products Company

Stack-On Products Company is the industry’s leading provider of security products for sportsmen, law enforcement and enthusiasts. For more information, visit Stack-On at: or call 1-800-323-9601.

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