DeSantis Gunhide Speed Scabbard

The DeSantis Gunhide Speed Scabbard is designed to meet the needs of plainclothes professionals preferring an open top holster that provides reliable retention. Available in black and tan unlined premium saddle leather for many popular semi-autos and revolvers. (; 631-841-6300)

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MTM Case-Gard .22 Ammo Box

MTM Case-Gard’s 100-Round 22 Caliber Ammo Box is designed specifically for .22 LR and .25 ACP ammo. This ammo box is constructed of durable materials that provide a scratch-resistant exterior. The ammo box stores 100 rounds of .22 LR or .25 ACP neatly with the bullet tip up. These easy-to-car-ry and easy-to-store boxes are stackable for convenient storage or transportation. The snap-latch on the front of the box ensures a secure closure while the flip-top clear blue lid allows shooters to view quantities without opening the container. (; 937-890-7461)

Case Prep Essentials Kit

The Case Prep Essentials Kit is an exceptional all-in-one kit for prepping brass. The kit contains two handles, a variety of tools and comes with a handy storage case to keep everything in one place. The Case Prep Essentials Kit is the perfect addition to any reloading bench. It includes an internal chamfer tool and external deburr tool, a large and small primer pocket uniformer/cleaner, and a large and small primer pocket crimp remover. (; 573-445-9200)

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Condor Elite Fail Safe Pack

The Condor Elite Fail Safe blends function and style. Available in black, brown or graphite, the streamlined design allows users to blend in with urban surroundings. With strategically placed hidden pockets to keep all your gear organized, this double duty assault pack will keep you mobile, comfortable and efficient on the most rigorous missions, or your weekend backcountry adventure. Made from 500-denier Cordrua, the pack also features a detachable rain cover with storage pocket. (; 800-552-2554)

DeSantis Gunhide T-Gat Slide

The T-Gat Slide from DeSantis is a trailing slot scabbard made from premium saddle leather. Highly detailed molding and a reinforced thumb break provide reliable retention. The holster features a molded in sight track and is lock-stitched with bonded nylon cord. Available in black and tan for many popular semi-autos. (; 631-841-6300)

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USA Firearm Training Brave Response Holster

The only machine-washable deep-concealment holster with mag pouches, the Brave Response Holster is made from breathable “SharkSkin” canvas and will fit any waist up to 56 inches. Available in left- or right-handed configurations, it doesn’t have to be hooked or clipped to your belt, boot or anything. The built-in waistband goes around your torso like a belt. As a waistband holster, it can ride as shallow or as deep as you might want or as your pants allow. The Brave Response Holster holds up to three magazines along with a semi-automatic handgun or a small revolver. (; 303-562-1662)

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